Divorce Mediation: The Process and Benefits

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation provides couples with the option of planning their future in a rational, respectful and amicable way with the objective of reaching a custom-made agreement suitable to their particular family dynamic, taking into account their finances and various other factors.

Divorce Attorney – How to Choose the Correct One

Divorce Attorney

The key to choosing the right Divorce Attorney is not to look for the cheapest or the most cut-throat, as most movies would have you believe. Here are 6 aspects to consider when choosing the right Divorce Attorney.

Can My Spouse Refuse to Get Divorced?

Spouse does not want a divorce

We often get asked this question: “I want to get a divorce, but my spouse says, he/she will never allow it. What can I do?” Read on the get the answer.

10 Common Reasons For Divorce

The Divorce Process

Cultural shifts in attitude and behaviour over the past 75 years has redefined the meaning of marriage and have shifted beliefs and normalized divorce, by eliminating the stigma that once was placed on divorce.  The idea of marriage as being a lifelong commitment has changed significantly and has evolved to an emphasis on individual fulfilment […]

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