High Asset Divorce

Most people facing divorce have concerns regarding property division, care and contact (custody) of children, spousal maintenance and child maintenance. However, some of our clients have more complicated concerns regarding property rights, business interests, hidden assets and much more. At Van Heerdens Attorneys, we are accustomed to guiding clients on these high asset/high income divorce issues.

We work with specialists to address many of the issues that arise in high-asset divorces, including:

  1. Hidden assets: We retain the services of independent investigators to identify hidden assets for purposes of fair property division
  2. Business interests: We obtain business valuations in order to determine the full and fair value of a business, as well as the value of any interests in a business
  3. Securities assets and cash assets: We evaluate the fair market value of stocks, bonds, money market accounts and other financial accounts
  4. Real estate: In addition to the marital home, we examine other real property interests, including vacation homes, rental properties, income from rental properties and all other real estate investments
  5. Child maintenance: We address concerns regarding unreported income, under reported income and other child maintenance obligations.

People involved in divorce with significant marital assets must trust that their attorney has the ability to handle these complex issues. At Van Heerdens Attorneys, we understand what the law requires with regards to equitable distribution of assets and have successfully handled numerous high asset divorce cases.

If you have a matter which you would like to discuss, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us via telephone or email. Alternatively, please feel free to schedule an appointment.

Do you have a matter which you would like to discuss?

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