Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Act is a relatively new concept in South Africa, which has had a major impact on all levels of business. Consumer protection law refers to those rights which have been created to safeguard consumers when entering into agreements with suppliers.

The core concept of the Consumer Protection Act is to ensure that a supplier discloses to the consumer all necessary information pertaining the goods and/or services which it supplies, so as to allow the consumer to make an informed decision before purchasing a product or service.

However, as a consumer it is important to bear in mind that the enforcement of any right created in terms of the Consumer Protection Act is not a simple process and therefore requires the expertise of an attorney who is familiar with the provisions and implementation of the Act.

At Van Heerdens Attorneys, we are experienced in the field of consumer protection and provide a variety of services which include protecting and enforcing your consumer rights and ensuring that reasonable terms and conditions are provided to you in the preparation of contracts which you may have entered into with a supplier.

We provide legal advice regarding consumer protection and possess the necessary skill and expertise to represent you in the event that you need to file a lawsuit against a business or an individual.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Consumers’ rights to privacy and their right to choose
  • Consumers’ rights to full disclosure and information
  • Consumers’ rights to fair, responsible and honest marketing and dealings
  • Fair, just and reasonable terms and conditions and the preparation of standard form documentation in compliance with the CPA
  • Consumers’ rights to receive fair value, good quality and safe products
  • Issues pertaining to product liability
  • Suppliers’ accountability to consumers
  • Consumers’ rights and their protection
  • The role of the National Consumer Commission and their investigative powers
  • The protection and enforcement of consumer rights
  • The general impact that the CPA will have on distributors, retailers, service providers, suppliers, producers and importers

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